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Originally Posted by jillybean720 View Post
[COLOR="Indigo"]I would never ever EVER ask my boyfriend a question like that. If he tells me I'm not fat, he's a liar, and if he tells me I AM fat, he's a jerk--it's pretty much a lose-lose situation If I were you, I'd accept that he was trying to be honest and just let it go. After all, he was just agreeing with you anyway, right? If you didn't think you were fat, would you even have asked?[COLOR]
That's so true. Put yourself on the other side of the question, and it kind of feels like a trap. Whenever I'm tempted to ask my boyfriend that same question, I ask myself first, what am I trying to accomplish by asking this question? Do I want him to say I'm perfect as I am? Or that I'm skinny, when I'm not? Then what? I can quit my food plan?

However, if what I'm looking for is assurance that I'm beautiful to him or that he loves me (and we all need that sometimes) there are better ways to get that out of him.
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