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Unhappy help! i'm stuck!

okay... i've been working on losing weight for a little more than a month, now. and since i started, i've been making sure to exercise for at least 20-30 minutes daily (i started out, having never really bothered to exercise in months, if not years...). i'm also watching my calories, which according to's calculator, i can have about 2100 calories with 30 minutes of exercise, and still lose weight at a healthy pace... so i've been keeping it between 1400-2100/day, and trying to make healthier choices in foods

but it seems like i'm totally stuck. i lost the first 7 pounds in about two weeks, so i figure that was mostly water weight, but for the last two weeks, i've been stuck hovering around 229.5... so i stepped up the cardio a bit, and added the use of my Yourself!Fitness game for a change, and today i'm back up to 231.5!

unfortunately, at this time, i don't really have any way of determining body fat percentages... but would doing cardio/aerobics really build enough muscle to offset loss of fat? or am i doing something wrong? this has me pretty frustrated, because i thought i was doing really well!
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