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I have just started Phentermine as of last Thursday. I have some side effects like dry mouth. I know that I will not be on this pill long. Right now, I am using it as a crutch to get me through the first couple of months. It has really helped with the sugar cravings. Someone brought in made-from-scratch cupcakes to my dance class that were topped with fudge icing. Normally, I would have eaten two. I didn't have one.

I take one pill in the morning, but I'm considering breaking my pill in two and taking one half later in the day because around 5 pmish I sort of "come off" the drug and lose alot of energy. I am thinking that this is because I am not eating enough during the day.

I really don't know what to do with that aspect. I have a hard time eating. I take my pill at 8:00am and then eat breakfast at 8:30 (it says to wait a 1/2 hour before eating.) Breakfast for the past few days has been oat bran cereal with some blueberries and splenda cut with a little bit of skim milk. Then lunch rolls around and I can only stomach about 1/2 cup of whatever I brought (left overs). Then I force myself to eat a yogurt around 3i:00pm-ish. Then I don't eat dinner until later. This pill pretty much makes you starve yourself without the pain of it. I'm pretty worried Doctor told me achieve 1400 calories a day...I barely made it to 1100 yersterday.

Well, I'm still going to try my best. I was on Atkins but Atkins is so darn expensive to maintain and requires constant cooking. It does help me stay away from evil sugar though...My fridge and cubbards are sugar free now. I am eating carbs but only from whole grain sources that include a lot of fiber. (Beans, oat bran cereal, veggies, 7 grain bread, stuff like that.) I also have low fat dairy products and leaner meats. Basically, I'm doing South Beach phase 2-3, skipping 1. I'm trying to make sure that the calories and carbs I do consume come from healthy sources and not sugar and junk.

Pray for me! I'm so desperate to lose.

I'm tired of Food running my life.

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