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Originally Posted by Jasmine31 View Post
Welcome callystia! So glad to have you!! That sounds like a good plan! What eating disorder did you have?? I have found that eating small meals thruout the day helps keep my metab going and keep me from getting hungry too!

Hi Jasmine! I am still working on being able to call it an eating disorder, because I still have it in my head that "only skinny girls have those", and I don't qualify, you know? But the doctor says it is one, so every time I type it I believe it a bit more. *sigh*

I just went through a period of several months in which I couldn't allow myself to eat more than about 300-700 calories per day, and I was purging a lot even after that. There were a couple of instances of "real" bulimic episodes, where I would binge, then purge, but most of the time it was just heavy caloric restriction.

You can imagine that my metabolism's not too happy with me, nor is the rest of my body. I started having problems with heart arrhythmia, hair falling out, fainting, all kinds of nasty stuff. And of course, my weight loss just plain ol' stopped, for a long time.

I'm not in therapy right now, but I seem to be doing okay at just talking myself down when I start to panic, and my husband and (other) best friend are a HUGE help to me as well, so I'm hopeful that I'm past the worst of it.

Thanks for the hug!

It will take as long as it takes.

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