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Default I think I might need some help.

Hi. I've been an SBer since August 17th, and have plateau-ed (SP?) in the last few weeks. I've lost 17 pounds and can't get the scale to budge. I had added in 1 fruit (week 3) and then 1/2 cup oatmeal (week 2) and did not add anything else back in. I stopped losing weight about three weeks ago. So, I cut the oatmeal back out again but kept the fruit. I have also cut my portions down, too. And added 10 - 20 minutes of walking until I can sustain a 30 minute workout. I'm upset because my sister, who had so much less to lose than I did, lost 30 pounds with no exercise and eating the same as me. She has maybe 10 more pounds to go, and I have about 100. So, why am I not losing weight and she is?

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