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my leader always told me to go for the low sodium deli meats and anything that says 93% - 97% fat free (most good quality sliced ham or turkey). One portion could be considered core but it's excluded from the core list because people tend to abuse it (use way more than one portion)

Ham (baked at howm without any sugary glaze) is core, but the trick is to trim all visible fat off before cooking it, and of course you'd want to pick a ham that isn't completely marbled with fat.

Elana, in response to your first post:
"Since I am new to Core, I feel like I am floundering around a bit!"

That's okay - I think everyone does at first.
I remember my very first week with WW / Core. My eyes were opened to all the healthy choices that were available for me - and I ate...and ate...and ate.. but stuck to core foods. I lost 4 pounds in my first week and thought "How on earth did I do that?? I've been eating sooooo much!!"

I started with core, I hit goal with core, and I've maintained with core.

start - 310
goal - 150
current - 139

Valentines day '07 will be my one year "thinnaversary"
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