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Good morning ladies! We are supposed to get rain today, but nothing happened yesterday and we were supposed to have rain also so who knows. I know that my son and dil are supposed to have snow today and tomorrow so I am sure they are glad they are coming down to the sun!

We get to have Thomas for a few hours on Saturday while his mom plans some Halloween party. It will be fun having him and taking him shopping. I guess he hasn't spent his birthday gift card from his uncle yet so Kelly thought Jay might like to take him shopping. We will take him home late afternoon then head downtown for dinner and such I think.

My dil got part of her shirts I bought her at Motherhood Maternity, but thinks she needs the next bigger size. I debated on it because she borders between the two sizes and I ordered smaller, which I shouldn't have. I just told her to hold on to everything until it all got there (some things are back ordered) and then to just order everything in a larger size. Most of it was on sale so I hope she can get the larger size.

I have a ton of work to do today and need to get started asap. I also have to do some last minute grocery shopping for sandwich fixins' and stuff for while they are here. I want to get fresh deli meat so wanted to wait until the last minute. They will be here sometime tomorrow night.

Not much else exciting going on here. Hope everyone has a good day today!

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