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Gosh, I haven't been here since thursday! Friday I babysat my neighbors little one. Which was a busy day in itself. But then my sister came with her kids for a night because it was my nieces b-day. It all went down hill from there. We went out to dinner (East side Marios) and then to a movie. The next day I got all prepared to out of town till yesterday. So I've totally blown my course but I am back on plan as of this morning. I've already did my water aerobics class and keeping everything I eat in line and getting plenty of water. I could get down and all discouraged by what the scale read this morning...but I'm taking it as LiFe! Sometimes we're up, and a lot of the time we're down. As long as I know it will come back off and work at it I'm a.o.k.!

Has anyone ever read "the Sugar Solution"? It's basically helping you live a healthier life (aka lose weight) by balancing your sugar levels. It makes a lot of sense as I read it but practicing it successfully in my life... well we'll see. It's a lot of watching your carbs, making sure they're whole grain and eating fresh wholesome fruits and veggies and of course lean protein. Because if you don't watch how your blood sugar often spikes and drops you could be in for a endless cyle of cravings and the nasty side effect of becoming insulin resistant. It sounds really interesting. Anyhow, now that I've bored you to death...LOL!

Hope you had a great day!

"Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going."
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