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Here you go guys this article from Pete Waldmeir a columnist for The Detroit News. We were gonna wait till the trial was all over but decided the heck with it. This judge is already mad at us so what the heck. This guy is a piece of work and really does hate us for not only appealing to sucessfully get the confession back that he threw out but because he acts like he is a God in his courtroom and you know you don't go over his head now and get back what he already threw out. He is also really very unprofessional acting in his court, high five-ing all his workers when he comes into the room when court is in session and a bunch of other things. So read this and tell me what you think of it all. For those of you who don't know Christine Scandirito is my sister in law and our own Chrissy. This ran the day I came back from Michigan after the judge ordered a mis-trial. It mentions all we have went through and Judge Morrow by name too. April 2nd is the new trial for my brothers killer so I am all ready to go once again and drive from Indiana back to Detroit to be with Chrissy, her daughters Emily and Ellen as well as my dad Papa and my other brother Jerry. This is the 2nd piece the Detroit News has run and I copied and pasted the 1st piece before I left under The Thin Group # 38 if you want to go back and read the 1st one also.

Christine Scandirito will have to wait to deliver a symbolic valentine to her late husband, Richard, until at least April 2. She's just hoping that the criminal justice system doesn't turn it into an April Fool's joke.
"Our family hoped and prayed that we'd have some closure on Richard's murder by last Wednesday," Scandirito said, referring to Valentine's Day. "I just can't believe the justice system can be so messed up.
"This case has been dragging on for more than 14 months. The accused killer has been in jail all that time. Now there have been seven delays and four different prosecutors. The last prosecutor got it three days before we went to court," she said.
"First one judge withdrew, then another (Wayne County Circuit Judge Bruce Morrow) threw out a signed confession and the Michigan Court of Appeals had to overrule him and let the confession back in," the widow continued.
"Now Judge Morrow lets the trial go on for two days and then declares a mistrial last Wednesday because of some mistake that he says the prosecution made.
"I'm beyond being devastated," Scandirito said. "I'm sick, sick and tired. Now my two daughters and I have to wait another six weeks for justice. It's just not fair, to us or even to the family of the man who's accused of killing Rick."
The October 1999 robbery-murder of Richard Alan Scandirito, then 42 and a Detroit Newspapers circulation supervisor, was sadistically brutal. The killer shattered the victim's skull with a heavy thermos bottle and stabbed him several times.
The body was dumped in a parking lot and the victim's blood-soaked van was abandoned on a Detroit freeway, where his wife found it when she retraced his route to work after he was reported missing.
Ex-convict Robert Person, a parole violator from Detroit, turned himself in to Detroit homicide detectives and confessed hours after the killing. He's charged with first-degree murder, which carries a sentence of life in prison.
At his arraignment before Morrow, however, Person claimed the police forced him to sign the confession. The judge refused to admit it into evidence, but prosecutors appealed and it was reinstated.
During trial testimony last Tuesday, however, an arresting detective mentioned that Person had been a parole violator when the murder was committed. After the jury was dismissed, Judge Morrow ruled that the officer's statement was prejudicial to the defense and ordered the mistrial.
"I spent an hour on the witness stand, describing how I found the bloody van," Christine Scandirito said. "I broke down. It was terrible. Now I have to do that all again?
"Time after time my family has had to go through this. There were 14 of us in court those two days. Now we all have to suffer through this again in six weeks?
"You know, I laughed at first when some attorneys referred to Judge Morrow as 'Turn 'em Loose Bruce,'" Scandirito said. "But after this, I see what they mean."

Pete Waldmeir's column appears Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Friday in The Detroit News. Call him at (313) 222-2345 or send e-mail to [email protected]

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