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Hi guys,
It's me, I have been around reading everything, but just haven't posted till now. I am trying to get back on track again. I went to my WW meeting and was up 6 lbs, but I knew I would have a gain cause last week during the trial just didn't do anything on program except one time Chrissy took me to her gym to exercise. Lot of good it did. We ate out the whole time. I tried to cut back at breakfast and would have a bowl of oatmeal, but with even lunch and dinner out, it was hard to stay on program for me. Also the places we went to were really hard, like Detroit's Greektown with their wonderful flaming cheese or Saginacki they have there on greek bread. In my frame of mind I just didn't worry about anything and it showed for me. I was much too stressed to do any of that back than.

Anyways just didn't want to post till I was doing something and this past week I have been trying. I have been eating better according to WW, not perfect, but it is a start. I have been trying to drink my water too somewhat. The only thing I haven't added yet is the exercise and hope to do it this next week. That is always the last thing to kick in. I will try to fit it in at least 3 times to help motivate me.

Can't even begin to catch up on everything, but wanted to say to a few people.

angel-eyes: I know how you feel with you gain, cause I gained twice as much as you and I know why too. But let's hang in there and do our best as I see by your post that you have been doing great and everything right, but keep it up cause it will pay off soon. YOU WILL LOSE THOSE 3 LBS!

CJ:My gosh girl you are on a roll arn't you? I am proud of you and knew you would do good this week. You did really well at Logan's Steak House too when we went last week with you hubby Dick. Thanks for posting the points for the girl scout cookies. We have a few boxes, but I am proud to say haven't had even one. So I am trying I really am. Hope you are feeling better soon. It's hard to be sick and stay on program, but you are doing it girl!

Carolyn-CH: That is great that you are joining Weight Watchers, you will love the new program. It is so easy and something we can stay on for the rest of our live. You can have most anything you want, you just have to count the points so it is great in that way. That is good too that you are going with your sister too. It helps to have a buddy doing it with you. You will do fine, I just know it.

Mary Kay:If you want your son to move back in than just make his room into your craft room. If you don't than let it be. LOL I am with you on that doing their laundry, they are so pathetic when they move out and at least when they bring their laundry over you get to see him again. So that is a good thing for you.

Zoe:Wow you vacation to Florida sounds great. My daughter in the Air Force stationed in Fort Walton Beach just got back from Mardi Gra in New Orleans and said it was quite an experience. You are soppose to show your upper part to get beads, but she didn't even show anything and came home with some beads anyways. She went with her boyfriend and you know he would be mad if she EVER did that. I would get no beads, and have to pick them up ofr the street that people maybe dropped to get them. LOL Have fun when you go and save some money for Florida too.

Sandi:Glad you had a great birthday. Hope you got my e-card. It doesn't get much better than being with your friends and family on your birthday.

Gail:Speaking of birthdays, gosh how could I have forgotton yours? I went to the Thin Group website and noticed yours was the 11th of Feb, that was the day I left for Michigan for the trial. I must have been just thinking about the trial. I went back and wanted to see if anything was said in the thead when I was in Michigan. But I didn't remember. So sorry my friend, hope it was a special one. I will give you a call soon and wish you Happy Birthday personally. Are you back from Florida yet? I hope so, post with us and let us know how it went. I have been thinking of you and hope you are doing well.

Jello: So you opted for the slot machines eh? Well hey the vacuming can wait I always say, if you would have done it before you left than there would just be more dust or pet hair when you get back. LOL You made a great choice and I would have been right there with you at those slot machines too. Only I go cheap like the quarter ones, even the nickle ones when I can find them. Hey you still have just as much fun I always say. Wow a 30 lb weight loss, you are doing great Jo. Keep it up!

Sam-Oh it was so great hearing from you and knowing that things are going good with your baby. Gosh in 8 weeks you will be a Mom. I hope everything works out well with your boyfriend. Let us know and keep us posted. We love hearing from you!

Judy-A belated Happy Birthday too you too, my gosh I am sure missing these birthdays. Thanks for posting and on congratulations on your 5 pound loss too. I will say a prayer for Cal too, let us know how things are going. We love you Judy!

Sherry-Gosh sorry I just went back and read before I left for the trail and forgot to comment on something you asked me about you son being in band. You had said that you make him go practice in the woods behind your house cause you couldn't stand hearing him play and you had asked me if you were a bad mother. My answer to you is NO! Because you can ask any of my kids and I always told them to practice in their room and they were so horrible with so many squeeks and sour notes that I used to yell up to them all the time "CLOSE THE DOOR". We still laugh about that, but he will get better each and every year. I promise you, cause now when they play it brings tears to my eyes how beautiful they play. You are a good mother, I can tell that. Hey where are you? I miss you! Come on back and post with us. If I can do it you can do it. Love you Sher-Bear!

Chrissy-Hey sis in law, it was nice getting your email the other day. I just now replied to you and hope you got it. I too hope and pray that on April 2nd we will have some justice for Rick. I am sure we will, we just have to. Glad you are feeling better and sorry that old flu got you and the girls too. Like I said in my email, I never caught it from you guys so don't even worry about it. Looking forward to seeing you again when I come to Michigan for the trial. Love you Chrissy.

Well the trial-or shall I say knocked the wind out of me big time. I want to post the new article the columnist Pete Waldmeir wrote the day I came back from Michigan and will post it when I get back from work today. I have to leave right now, bummer working Sunday, but we are so un-busy now it isn't funny so we just sit there and talk and read magazines. Rough job eh? Well somebody has to do it. LOL We are out of our "peak" season now so that is pretty much what we get to do. Kinda makes up for when we run our butts off at H & R Block. LOL

Take care guys and I will be back soon to post that article.

Love ya, Sassy Sharon
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