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HI everyone. Hope your Friday is going well.

Judy: Happy Birthday! Hope you are having a Great Day.!

Sandi: I have been gone from Grainte City since 1980. I have a brother who lives there with his family. I still call it home. I go and see all the changes that have taken place. My nephew will graduate next year from the same school that my brother and myself graduated from. I am planning on going to see him graduate.

CJ: Hope you are feeling better. Congrats on the 1/2lb loss. That is the right direction.

Zoe: My son hasn't brought his clothes home yet and he said he might start doing that. And like you I too will do them for him. I am not doing anything with his room yet, just in case he needs to come back home. I did that with my daughter and everytime I madeher room into a craft room for me, she decided to come back home.

Well, I better go. Will talk more later.Mary Kay
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