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I see the SON in Texas
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Hi Y'all ~

TGIF tomorrow!! YIPPEE!!!!!! It's been a long week with hubby out of town and my baby moved out. I went to the gym tonight straight after work and came home to an empty, dark house. I think I'll just read my junk mail and write some bills. Woo Hoo....

Mary Kay ~ Staying the same is a blessing ~ some weeks, I pray for that. Ha!
Your son just moved out too? It was hard, even though I knew he was leaving, when I came home Tuesday night and with my husband on a business trip, my eyes went straight for his room when I walked in (every light was on so it was easy to do....hehehe) and I saw that the desk, bed and computer were gone. That was hard. He informed me that he'll be bringing his laundry home. He does do his own from time to time but he doesn't want to go to a laundomat. Of course, I will do it for him....

Sandi ~ yes, hubby is lucky...he said he was "up a few hundred" but I'm not sure what that means. He loves it there too. When we leave for vacation next Friday, we are driving through Shreveport, LA and staying the night at the new Hollywood Hotel and Casino and then to Biloxi, MS for a night so he'll be having his fill of those places. Sure hope I have money left when we get to Florida. Oh, and yes, I'm missing him about now.

CJ ~ Hope you're feeling better kiddo. Hey, 1/2 pound is still heading in the right direction!!! And yes, I'm at 179 as of last Monday which is a total loss of 30 pounds. (started at 209)

Hi to everyone I didn't address personally. Hope you're all doing well. Tomorrow is Friday and I say YIPPEE!!!

Zoe ~ soaking up the "SON" in Texas
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