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I see the SON in Texas
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Hi Everyone ~ I was out tonight, having dinner with my son. He called me at work today and asked if I wanted to go. Of course, I said YES!! He's here now, playing video I guess nothing has change other than he doesn't sleep here. (thank you Jesus.... ....)

CJ ~ I do enjoy being alone sometimes. I like it the first day or two but then, it isn't as much fun. This trip, he'll be gone LONG ~ he left Tuesday morning and won't be home until late (11pm) I've got the entire week alone. I'm going to clean up the house and have it really nice when he gets back...and with Chris moved out, maybe it will stay that way. Ha!

Jo ~ in case I didn't mention it, hubbys business trip he's on is in Las Vegas.....that's right, the gambling capital. He called tonight and said that he was up a few hundred bucks.....I would love for him to say he was up a few THOUSAND.

Hi to everyone else....have a great Thursday.

Zoe ~ soaking up the "SON" in Texas
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