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Good Morning Ladies

Hope everyone had an enjoyable weekend. Today being the stat holiday I am just relaxing in my PJ's, sipping my morning and looking out the window at the beautiful fall leaves. I love the time of year !!

Robbin ~ yes, I got a nice looking pumpkin pie. The taste test will be tonight. Looking forward to a nice turkey dinner with family. Good job on maintaining over the weekend. Weekends can certainly pose problems for me at times. And a NSV to go along with it .. YAHOO

Erin ~ so nice to see you Hope all is well, although sounds like you have been really busy. Look forward to your return !!

Tammy ~ In the summer I wrote the national exam to become a CMA (certified management accountant). I passed both parts of the exam, so now I must go through their leadership program. Basically they know from the exams that you have what it takes to become a CMA, now they just want to see that you can apply it. So I have to do presentations, write reports etc. Congrats on maintaining while you were away !!

To all the other chicks ~ hope you are doing well and taking care

Have a great Monday and TTYS
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