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Project Down-Sizing !!
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Morning Chicks

Hope everyone survived the week and is looking forward to a great weekend. Even better for me is that it is a long weekend.. yes Turkey Day up in here in Canada, so have Monday off

FFMother paid me a visit this week and I am down another 2 lbs. I have made myself a ticker and just going to tackle 20 lbs at a time, so I am almost half way to my first mini goal.

Cheryl ~ great to see you, but sorry that you had to go through such a rough week A new laptop, yeah for you !! I love my laptop and just bought my hubby one a few weeks ago.

Tammy ~ travelling can be so hard on the old calories, but I know that you will get right back on track.

Robbin ~ your persistence paid off.. well done on tackling the scale demon

Stacy ~ a pound's a pound..and looks like you only have 2 more before another dragonfly. Good for you !!!

Robsia ~ good to see you !

Tina ~ Happy Thanksgiving Hope you get lots of time with family and get enjoy a good turkey dinner.

Well I am off to brew me some and tackle some reading. Have a great day and TTYS
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