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Evening Ladies...Sorry I was MIA for the past week, but I have had the weekend/week from **** with the FD's. Can't go into details, but it was serious enough that they were suspended from school for three days and we had to go before the school board Wednesday night because they wanted to expell them for the remainder of the school year. We had one FD removed from our home so the other one can stay in school now. I have been so stressed out that I have had a migrain for a week, pain between my shoulder blades and I broke out on my neck and chest with what look likes ringworm, but isn't. All stressed related.
After maintaining my weight for two weeks, I have eaten everything and anything that isn't nailed down, so I'm up two pounds. Hope to be back on track and destressed by Monday. Bought a new laptop computer today, so I'm hoping hubby will have it up and running by tomorrow so I won't have to use the old dinosaur. I'll be back tomorrow to catch up on reading all of the post and posting personals. Sounds like everyone is doing great.
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