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Good morning all,

Iím going to try to catch up a bit. Iíve been reading but have had no time to post lately.

Robbin, Yes, Like Stacy and you, Iím a member of the scale mood club too. Iím still traveling so I havenít weighed this week, but I will be very lucky if Iíve maintained this week. I suspect I will be in a foul mood come Sunday morning when I weigh in. Iím glad to see that youíve had a loss today and your mood has improved.

Stacy, With your scale going down two days in a row (although up on another weigh in) I bet youíll see another loss again really soon. Thatís how mine seem to work. Bummer on the elliptical breaking. It would be hard to decide whether to put more money into repairing it if it doesnít hold up for more than a year between repairs. Congrats on the new job. I hope the gym looks good. Maybe that will be the right direction to go. How is DD by now? My school does the same thing. Send your kids to school sick and at the end of the year they get an award. Does that make sense?

Shyla Ė Happy anniversary, belated. Hope you enjoyed your night out with DH.

Hi Tina, The water aerobics class sounds like a lot of fun. I had forgotten how much I loved being in the pool until this trip. I hope you have a nice Thanksgiving weekend. Have you talked DH into going out of town yet? No way Iím dumping you ladies either, by the way.

Hi Louie, Good to hear from you.

Emily, I just read that the scales dropped for you earlier this week. Yoohoo! Is DH back home? Good for you for NOT turning to food during stress.

Robsia, The trouser suit sounds lovely. I hope you can post a photo of you in it. Size 10, wowsie!

My calorie count has been consistently in the 2500 calories per day range this week and I know that is way too high. Why is it so hard to resist FREE food? I head back home tomorrow and I plan to pull out my food scales, measuring cups and spoons, etc. Back to measuring every bite, at least for the next two weeks, then I have another business trip. I feel a little out of control this week, so I must rein that in right away. Talk to you all later.

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