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I see the SON in Texas
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Hi Ladies ~ just got in from the mall with my friend Thyra ~ we went after work tonight. Hubby left this morning for a business trip and I'm here all alone. I got home to every light on, a dirt spot on the carpet and my son's bed, desk and computer gone.....he's gone, he's really gone. I think he'll be back tonight for a mintue since he didn't take anything else, like his toothbrush, etc.

Jo ~ Ha! I know it's not funny but it's funny. We all do it....just get to a milestone, celebrate and WHAM!! slide off the edge. I did the same thing just this past Sunday. I guess I was deciding to do WW-at-home with hubby and in that decision, I decided to eat.....he and my son were out playing golf and I went to the Super WalMart here.....come home with so much junk food and actuall started eating in the car!!! Had 2 packages of cheese crackers, 2 little debbie "devil dogs", 2 little debbie peanut butter thingys, and a few cookies. Pitiful, just pitiful. But I got back on track and I know you will too.

Hi to everyone else....strange not to see a bunch of posts here......where are y'all at??? Nighty night.

Zoe ~ soaking up the "SON" in Texas
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