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Hello everyone Ė just popping in to say hi. Couple of notes, Chrissy & Sharon Ė so sorry to hear about the retrial, thanks for sending the e-mail Sharon, helps me keep up-to-date even when I donít drop in here much. Jello, CJ, Zoe and everyone else doing well on the weight-loss, WOO HOO! Keep it up. Blunder, sorry to hear Cal is having a difficult time, I hope the scan sheds some positive light. Glad to hear you are losing too though. Sylvia, have a wonderful time in Italy and good luck with baby making (lots of fun no doubt!! He he)

As for me, can you believe it girls, only 8 weeks til this little one is due. We are both well, though I am very tired. Got the nesting instinct Ė I made cushions last week and I have never even sewed before in my entire life. Also dyed my lounge a new colour. And we have been painting baby furniture, we expect the nursery to be ready in about a fortnight. Boyfriend and I still having lots of troubles, but whichever way it works out, Iím excited about being a Mum soon.

Iíll pop back in later and once my baby is born Iíll be back here, full steam ahead on the weight loss. I really have just let myself go in pregnancy and Iím not sure I really care. Iím looking forward to big losses and getting fit again. But in the meantime I know Iím growing a very healthy, strong bub (trust me, it almost breaks my ribs everytime it has one of its Ďexcitable periods!í

Gotta go, love to all
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