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Hello again. It's Jo. And I'm sure you'll recognize me now that my face is covered in pizza sauce and chocolate. Had one of those "See Food" diet nights. What a dummy. Today some folks at work were going to go out for lunch and no one can agree where to go. I've pretty much decided if they choose the new restaurant down the street that I've wanted to try, I'll go. If not, maybe I'll just pass. Can't think of anything I really want to eat that would be worth blowing the day for.

Anyway, thanks to those of you who congratulated me. Just wish I hadn't blown it. Hope to make you proud of me once again someday soon.

Zoe, cleaning out the closets is on my To-Do list for very soon. Rich's house doesn't have nearly as much closet space as I'm used to. Just wish I'd cleared some of this stuff out BEFORE I moved it.

Well, after work yesterday, Rich went to the apartment and took down all the curtains and rods while I went home to let Watson out. Today, Rich goes home to Watson while I go vacuum the apartment. Tomorrow, Rich patches a few holes. Thursday ... well, you get the idea. Hopefully, this weekend, we can get in there and shampoo the carpets, do a little painting and scrub the floors. Once that's done, the place will be just about ready to go. I also have to worry about turning off phone and electric service and other little stuff. Glad I still have one more month!

Guess it's time to get to work. Sigh. Oh, I need a vacation too, Zoe and Sylvia! Can I come with either of you guys?? Seriously, I need one of those days where I don't even change out of my "jammies" and lay around watching old movies all day. Ahhhhhh!

Until then, back to work!
Much love, Jo.
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