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Hello Ladies, I know I promised to post on Sat. but that was when I mistakenly thought I was in charge of my life. When will I ever learn! I was busy or had company all week-end, although I loved it that was the end of me doing what I wanted to. Oh well....

Judy My thoughts and prayers are with you and Cal. I hope for the best for both of you. Let us know. And congrat. on your 5 lbs.. That's great!

Jo Once again I am proud of you. You are doing great!!! Any of us would be proud of that much loss.

I spent a lot of today going thru my closets and getting rid of clothes I can't/won't wear. It must be a sin to have this many clothes and allow myself to grow out of them. It will take a semi to haul them off. I am writing down each piece just to see them in print may be my motivation. I'm sure it doesn't have anything to do with the candy bar I ate this afternoon.

Sorry I don't have time to address all of you. I have been reading the posts and I do think of all of you. Hope to post again tomorrow, have a great Tuesday. Carolyn
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