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Hey all! It's me, Jo. Whassa matter? Don't recognize me? Well, that's probably just because I'm officially THIRTY lbs. lighter as of weigh-in on Saturday morning! Wooooo Hooooo!!!!

Then again, I probably blew it last night when Rich and I went out for our Valentines dinner. Oh, it was wonderful! And I'm sure it was not good for me but I enjoyed every last bite. And I had dessert too which was this decadent chocolate and ice cream and gooey stuff... Well, you get the picture. I really really really have to behave this week.

Truthfully, I had a bit too much wine with dinner last night and admit to being a bit tipsy. Today I'm not feeling too good so I probably won't be eating much anyway. But I am on my second bottle of water already so that's good.

Judy, I'm sorry to hear Cal is having such a tough time of it. And you too, my friend. My prayers are with you both.

Guys, I upgraded to Netscape 6.0 and it's been doing some funky things to all my favorite websites, especially this forum. Keeps changing fonts on me and things like that. Can't scroll down to reread all your posts either so I'm relying on my memory here. Ooh, it's not pretty.

Couple things I do remember though:
Happy Belated Birthday to Sandi!
Have a great trip to Italy, Sylvia!

To everyone else, have a great day.
Much love, Jo.
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