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Good Morning!

Chrissy and Sharon, There certainly has been no justice in Detroit for the past 16 mo. for you. Wish there was some way we could stage a protest for all of your family! I'd be right up front carrying a picket sign! I really had hopes that it would all be over this time and you'd be able to have some closure. That judge sounds like a real WACKO to me! So sorry you have to go through this all over again but I'm praying the next time will be the time when that monster is put away for good. Hugs to both of you!

Took Cal to the doctor yesterday. His loss of appetite from those new pills resulted in a 8 lb. loss last month. His pain continues to worsen and he is beginning to have a really hard time getting up and down. He has a bone scan and a MRI scheduled for next Tuesday. His lab and test results should all be ready for his next doctor's appointment on Thursday. I know what the next year or so will bring and I'm terrified.

Before I forget, some bright news, drumroll please......I've lost 5 lbs. this past mo. If I can get myself motivated to do some exercise next month should be even better! Yeah really! Look who's talking! Me, who hates to get up out of this chair in front of my computer. I think I'm addicted to the web!

Congradulations to all of you who had losses this week! Believe me, I know how hard it is to take off those extra pounds. Keep up the good work!

Everybody enjoy your weekend!

Hugs, Judy

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