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Well, I went to the doctor today. She never says anything about my weight. I told what all I was doing and she said "good for you". She looked at my foot and said "your other foot is bruised too." I just laughed because I hadn't noticed it. Had my yearly done, then xrays, blood work. She couldn't tell if there was a break because of the swelling. So I now have this lovely little shoe to wear when I walk a lot. Oh plus, I have to have a mammogram and bone density scan (since my mom has osteo???? but won't admit it). I think I'm getting old. If that scan is clear then not another one until I'm 50.

Dee, Good for you on working out!!!

Tina, has summer returned down there? It has here. YUCK!

Tammy, wants happening with you? How is school? How many days left?

Jody, I loved it about your son!!! I am always saying how cute my niece and nephews are!!!

Off to the recliner for a while. I'm burning up!!!!

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