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Default My son's a stud!!!

Is that wrong to say?

His first game Saturday--he sacked the quarterback!!!! Whoot!! Whoot!! Then he got three tackles on a kid that outweighed him by at least 60 lbs--he's got a killer instinct. I guess he'd have to, since he weighs 96 lbs and wants to play defensive tackle!!! He was pretty sore Sunday, but said "it was a good kind of hurt." He'll be scheduling a visit to the chiropractor this week, and maybe even the massage therapist.

Which brings me to Dee's question re: chiropractors. Yes, if you go to a chiropractor, your initial treatment tends to be around 8-12 visits stretching out over a couple of months. Then, you should go into what they call "maintainance" which could be once a month to once every 3-6 months. Look at it this way: suppose you waited until you were 30 to go to the dentist for the first time. Chances are, you might need some cavities filled, which would bring you back for a few treatments. But maybe, your teeth are really messed up and you're going to need some root canals, some cavities filled, a bridge put in, some whitening, some veneers....cause you really abused your smile. That's going to take some time to clear up, right? Then, once your mouth is in good shape again, you're going to commit to a check-up every six months to make sure nothing new has developed. Chiropractic is much the same. We really abuse our bodies--not lifting right, sitting at a computer for hours, car accidents, poor sleeping habits, poor diet (which is why we're here), and that all plays havoc with our backs and our nervous systems. Hope that's helpful to you! (My son's dad shares your birthday---my favorite holiday!)

Hmm....didn't do too badly this weekend, despite not writing anything down. Plus, I did some gardening Saturday--moving perennieals around in the garden so that it's more balanced next year. You know, I planted things that were too short where they were, or just looked funny. And I think the hollyhocks are plotting a coup for next summer, so I need to keep an eye on them.

Tina--I love Eleanor Rigby--I would have loved to hear that! My son floated the idea to the senior high band director to do a medley of Johnny Cash songs. He's thinking about it--can't you just hear the trumpets in "Ring of Fire?"

Oh, and not that *I* care, but Go Twins!!! (Captured Division title yesterday).
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