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Good Evening Ladies ~ Ahhhhhh, Friday, Friday, Friday!!!!!! Yippee!!!! I had pizza tonight....bad Zoe!! I'll have to work extra hard tomorrow morning at the gym. At least now that I'm exercising, my little "cheats" won't hurt as much.

Carolyn ~ Ok, so I did bad with the chocolate but I'm that way with TOM so I'm using that excuse. But now that that's just about past, what's my excuse now??? :confused:

Sharon~ I don't know why but I have no pains today after my workout. Yes, I was told that I shouldn't do weights 2 days in a row. I was also shown some stretching exercises for after each type of weights, to stretch out the muscles for less aches later.

Jo ~ I have a weakness for those stupid GS cookies too but for some reason (it must have been God looking out for me) I missed them this year.

Sandi ~ It's been in the low 70's here for days and now, tonight, it's 35!!!! Tomorrow it's supposed to be a high of 45!! What is goin' on here??? :confused:

CJ ~ My husband 'loves' Martha the same way you do. Ha! And I would say that when you do your "happy dance", that is exercise.

Gail ~ I usually don't do well with losing weight when my carbs are high either. And I love pasta!!!!!!!! Hope you had fun with your little "munchkin" didn't eat the necklaces did ya??

Sherry ~ I know I don't have to tell you and I know you did but......I hope you had a great day off, now that Drew wasn't sick anymore.

Hello to anyone I missed....have a great Friday evening....

Zoe ~ soaking up the "SON" in Texas
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