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Hi Everyone! So glad it is Friday. this hasn't been a great week for me foodwise. Trying to adjust to a new plan has really thrown me. I am uncomfortable and my weight is up. Looks like it may not be right for me. I am constantly hungry and getting obsessed with food. Probably have to go back to Locarb - I guess we have to do what works for us.

I haven't time to address everyone this morning. Got my little Munchkin coming to spend the afternoon with me. We are making Valentines today and Fruit Loop necklaces. Hahah Carolyn, loved your story. Have fun with your Munchkin next week.

Congrats CJ on your weight loss. It had to happen sooner or later - you are doing great. Thanks for the email too.

Sharon - great that you are finished with all the Band activities at last. Enjoy having the extra time with Ken - you will find lots of things to do, I'm sure.

Sandi, great to hear from you and glad you are doing well.

Chrissy, thinking of you. Hang in there - like Sandi says, it will all be over soon.

Jo, guess what? It snowed yesterday. LOL We haven't had any snow since way before Christmas, but we got some yesterday. It is supposed to be gone today though. All the perky little buds are going to be frozen. See what happens when I gloat over our west coast weather.

I really do have to run. Everyone have a great weekend. Hope you are all doing better than I am with the food thing. It is not easy sometimes, is it? Love, G

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