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Oh my gosh you guys - I'm sitting here laughing so hard I just have to share this moment with you. Most of you know how much I just love (NOT) Miss Perfect (Martha Steward) right? She always acts so perfect and has to have everything go just so so .. well, she had Bill Cosby on today - they were making cookie heart treats! I thoroughly enjoyed this - he was acting so nutty and funny and you could just tell by the way Martha acted that she was getting perturbed by his antics cuz her recipe was not being done "perfectly". Anyway, they were making these heart choc ice cream cookies - he wasn't putting the ice cream on the cookies correctly, but the part that was really funny to me was at the very end, she has him put a little bit of hot fudge on the plate, fancy like - then the cookie sandwich, then the whip cream .... and she hands it to him and says a perfect dessert for Bill Cosby. Then she hands him a plate and asks him to fix one for her ... so he puts a wee little bit of hot fudge on the place and she says, "oh put a little more, I love hot fudge" - so he takes the pitcher and just pours all this hot fudge on the plate! Martha says "oh, no, not that much! " but, the look of exhasperation on her face - it just cracked me up! I guess it was one of those things where you would just have to see it! Too funny!

Yes, I am still "dancing" -lol. Hey, that would count as excercise, don't you think? haha . It was very hard to not have any liquids or anything before my meeting since I am up at 5 am with hubby when he goes to work and my meeting is at 9:30. But, I made it and it was worth it.

I'm glad you threw those yucky ole chips away! Good for you! They probably had "bugs" in them anyways! hahahaha. Now, remember, you never know who that little fly on the wall is - it could be me watching you so I would be really careful if I were you! I loved the story about the froot loop necklace - how sweet!

Thank you for the BRATS!!! But, I was trying to be good ... I went out for dinner knowing the psts were at 27 ... I somehow knew you would be around to start the new one ... but when came home and saw 29 posts just sitting there .. I could not resist! So, I gave you your chance ... hahhahaha I bet you will miss all that band stuff after the the initial happiness of no more wears off! But, on the other hand, I am sure you will find something fun to do to fill up your weekends.

Yes, I have your start date ... I just for some reason did not have it handy when I put in the updates. I will take care of that today tho. I didn't order any girl scout cookies this year - I did not trust myself at the time to have them around ... I still have a box of chocolate truffles that someone gave me at xmas ... have not had any yet! Looked at them yesterday - then closed the lid and put them away. Dick does not eat that stuff ... so next time the grandkids come over if I remember, I will let them have some. OR, maybe after I do well with WW I will treat myself to one - or two? But they are out of site, so therefore to me - out of mind. I'm thankful I am not a chocoholic!

Yes, it is suppose to be really nice here today too ... had freezing rain the last 2 days ... then it is suppose to get cold again over the weekend.

Well, got to go get something done around here ... guess I will go downstairs and do some laundry ... yea, that sounds like fun! NOT!

Love, CJ

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