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Good Morning everyone,
Is this February here in Illinois or what? Temps of 55 degrees? That's a bit weird. But when I woke up this a.m almost all the snow is gone. Had bad rain storms on the night so it washed it away .
Am getting ready to go to the gym and hopefully get on a treadmill before my class. This one is called toning with toys and I really like it. Stretches some of those muscles I think I haven't used lately.

C.J....Congrats on your 2 pound loss. Good job!!!! I also like cinnamon-Hazelnut creamer too. But can't seem to find it in low fat. Only French Vanilla.

Kelster...Interesting article on water. But I have to admit (and most oldies here know) I hardly ever drank or do drink water and I seemed to do fine in my weight loss. Maybe getting it from tea and Crystal light helped. But I am not a plain water drinker at all. Gla dyou are Loving your weight loss thing now. You sound very motivated.

Jo...Hope those craving go away and stay away. But we all have them from time to time.

Zoe....Good job om your pounds gone. I think going to the gym will help too and especially as you have a friend to go with to help motivate each other. Don't worry, after you have used some of thoe unused muscles you haven't used in a while, they won'y ache as much. You are doing so well on your weight loss too. 29.4 gone and 16.4 of them in the last 5 weeks. Great!!!!!!

MaryKay......Love your Valentines idea to your hubby. Did you decide to go to W.W?

Jinny....Congrats on metting the 10# wweight loss. And on BOLDING too.

Gail...How did the valentine making go with Cambree? Bet they turned out cute.Gail. are you also a real craft type person? Just wonderingas usually people that cook well are also good at crafts.

Sherry...We all have PIG out days. Not to worry.

Angel eyes......It;'s always a good feeling to be able to get into our smaller clothes. Great job.

Sharon...What is this fibre thing Gail is talking about? I may just have to sneak into a w.w. meeting and see. I still have to call and see if I can still attend as I became a lifetimer and have stayed under goal. But haven't been to weigh in officially for a long time. Good luck to you on the 12th. You will be in my prayers.

C.H......What a cute thing about Josh and the Fruit Loops. Kids do say the darnest things don't they?

Chrissy.....Maybe this new guy will be the right one The article in the paper sounded very encouraging. Hang in there friend. It weill all be over soon I hope.You have given every ounce you could and that's all you can do. {{{{{{{HUGS}}}}}}}}

Love to all.......Sandi
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