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TGIF!!! Boss leaves for business trip to India at 4:00 today so I only have to listen to him rant and rave for a few hours today. Whew!

OK, so what genius invented Girl Scout cookies anyway??? Who has the heart to turn down the cute little girl all dressed up in her uniform? Unfortunately, not me. And, OK, I admit. It's not that I can't turn down the cute little girl. It's that I can't turn down the chocolate and carmel and sugar, etc. Yeah, it's a good cause but at what expense!?

Did OK last night actually but it's too late to try to undo all the damage I've done this week. Tomorrow's weigh-in won't be good and I just hate that. It's embarrassing even though the weighers and everyone there understands how it is. And it tends to get me down for the rest of the day. And what do I do when I'm down? Why I eat of course. I'm with you Carolyn! Any emotion at all!

CJ, I thought I emailed you my start date for the update page. Sorry. It's 6/19/00. Exactly 15 months until I turn the Big 4-0. I'm looking forward to turning 40. Is that too weird or what?

Carolyn, what a great idea! I'll just imagine that someone licked all my food and then I won't want to eat it! LOL! Actually, I would have to kill anyone who hit my car. The car I had before my last one I bought used but it was new to me. I had it for 8 days when this @#!*# clobbered me while I was sitting at a red light. Just sitting there innocently!!! I remember standing in the rain crying over my crumpled new car. He almost died that day!

BTW you guys! You're not helping talking about spaghetti and pizza!! LOL!! Seriously, Sharon's right. We can eat those things. We're allowed to eat whatever we want. We just have to watch how much and when, etc. Right?

And always remember one of my favorite expressions I learned from WW: If you always do what you always did, you'll always get what you always got.

On that note, I have to go. Have a great day everyone.

Much love, Jo.
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