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OK CJ-WHY YOU LITTLE BRAT! You sure did start this one than go back and finish # 37 like Zoe said. Just wait till I come there to Michigan next week. I am gonna give you what for. LOL


There that feels so much better. HA HA HA HA

I didn't even really get on, just sent you an email congratulating you on your #2 lb loss and that's what I get for taking the time for doing that. I guess I should have started # 38 instead. LOL I wasn't home either tonight and was at my son Alan's band concert with my daughter Kelly-Ken is out of town so couldn't go. This was my FINAL BAND CONCERT after 4 kids-2 girls and 2 boys, and 14 years of marching season and concert. Just think of all the songs I have sat thru from the first concert of my daughters 14 years ago to the last one tonight. I sure have heard it all from squeeks to the most beautiful music I have even listened to. So I AM THRU GUYS! Never again will I have to sell anything ever again. Unless it is for my grandkids if I have them. Never again will I have to work a band fund raising function. No more selling pointsettia's, cheesecakes, fruit, candles, peelers, discount cards, trash bags, sausage and cheese, or candy. YIPPEE I AM ALL DONE. But I didn't cry like I thought I would to hear my son play his last note tonight. Why didn't I cry? Cause I didn't feel like it, I am so happy that I am all done with band. I enjoyed it when I heard them play, I put up with it when I had to raise money every year for the various projects, trips, uniforms and instrument repairs. But I am truely glad it has come to an end. I AM TIRED GUYS! I just don't know what Ken and I are ever gonna do with ourselves on Friday nites, instead of going to football games, or Saturday nites instead of going to competitions. I don't know what we am gonna do but I am sure we can find something to do with our time now. I LOVE IT!!!

OK anyways.

CJ-Like I said in my email, congratulations on a job well done. See I told you that all your hard work would pay off big time and I was right. Good for you not giving up this week. I am proud of you for that, but NOT for starting the new thread instead of me. YOU LITTLE BRAT!! Hope to see you soon and beat you up in person. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA Just kidding you know I can't do that, who would give me any of their Buttershots when I get there? LOL

Zoe-Good for you in your first weight training session. Take a nice hot bath in your tub and relax, soon your soreness will go away. Just keep on working out and you will get used to it. This is your first time and your muscles take some getting used to it. When I am away from my weights for a while I too get pretty sore. But as I get back into it, it goes away. I also don't do my weights 2 day in a row and let my muscles rest for a day in between. Did your instructor tell you that? I was wondering if I am hearing right. Cause that is what my instructors at the gym told me. Keep it up and that is great about your .8 lb loss. Everything adds up in the end.

Kelster-Hey you can eat spaghetti. I have some cans of that Pasta Ready for whenever I feel like some spaghetti. It is meatless, but does the trick with a bit of parmesan cheese on top. I too love those carbs and need them sometimes to get through the day and fill me up. Also thanks for posting those great facts about the importance of water. I never knew alot of that. Glad you are doing so well on your program too, I tell you it's all the wonderful support around here that is making the difference this time for you. Well as well as all your hard work and determination.

Jo-Hey don't worry we all get like that. Tonight we order pizza cause Ken was out of town and we had Alan's concert and wouldn't you know I sure had my share. But tomorrow is a whole new day and I am not gonna worry about and neither should you. We all get on a roll sometimes when it comes to eating including me. But let's just star fresh tomorow, if you will I will.

angel-eyes-Hey we are all LOSERS around here. You got right back on track and I know that will turn your around before you know it. Just wait and see how the scale somes down before you know it.

Mary Kay-How romantic of you to do that for your hubby for Valentines day. What a great idea with the balloons and the teddy bear too. Have a nice romantic dinner you two.

Jinny-You are lucky that you don't eat when you are stressed. In the beginning I can't eat, but it doesn't take long till I am back to the way I used to. An eating machine. LOL You did a good job on the bold see I did it too. CJ taught me how to do it. Good job on your .8 lbs too and your 5 lb star too. WAY TO GO!

Chrissy-Glad you called tonight, it was good talking to you. I can't wait to see you when I come there. I know you work on Sunday, but I will call you when I get to Papa's house. Don't worry Chrissy things will go alright I just know it. Just think we will be together during this trial and that is the important thing. Hey even my daughter Kelly is coming. Won't you love to see your niece again? She always cheers you up, you two are pretty funny when you get together. Like I don't add to it any. LOL I can't wait to see my nieces Emily and Ellen again. Hey your niece Sarah will be there too, Kelly loves to see Sarah they hit it off pretty good since they are both teachers. It will be good to see your sister Cynthia too. I really like her too. Hey we sure are gonna have the people in the courtroom won't we? With all your friends and Ricks friends from the Detroit News there it will be quite a show of support for him. We won't let them forget about justice for my brother and your husband Rick. {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{CHRISSY}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

Carolyn(CH)-So you decided to just get the heck out of the way since it was getting too close for comfort there eh? LOL Ha Ha Ha that is such a hilarious story about the Fruit Loop necklace and how that boy said he licked it. HA HA HA HA TOO FUNNY FOR WORDS. I don't see how the heck you kept a straight face when he said that.

Gail-Hi there Gail, I watched Dr Phil too on Oprah. It was really motivating for me to watch. He makes alot of sense doesn't he? Yes I think there is a fibercap that stops at 4, cause we got the new sliding thingie to figure out from the back of cans, boxes and packages how many points you have from the calories, total fat and fiber. Glad you are doing well on your program.

Sherry-Hi ya Sherry! You ain't no PIG, if you are than I am too. LOL But it doesn't matter if we are or not, we are both gonna dust ourselves off and start over again.

Let's all do that, hey anyone who did get into things they regret join Sherry, Jello, angel-eyes,Kelster, and myself in starting all over again. No matter what you ate, just go on from there, and don't even think about it. Tomorrow is another day and let's just start fresh.

I forgot to tell you that when Chrissy called me tonight she said that we have yet another Prosecuting Attorney. This makes the 4th one, the 3rd one that Chrissy mentioned in her post is gonna be out of town next week. So guys he has just 4 days to prepare for this case. Gee I hope he is a quick study cause we want a good man on this case. I just can't believe this, I liked that 1st guy, Mike and REALLY liked the 2nd guy Tom, he was my favorite and I could always call him when I had any questions at all. Now in one week we had another Michael or Mike and now we have a guy named Ken. Oh well like I told Chrissy I like guys named Ken, hey I married one so maybe this is a good omen after all. We gotta make the best of this and give him a chance and stand behind him.

Take are guys and talk to you later.

Love ya Sassy Sharon

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