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Hello Ladies, I have been lurking tonight waiting for CJ to do "her" thing before I post. When the board gets to 25 I always think I'll wait for the next one.
CJ---Thanks for the e-mail. You always boost me up with your pep-talk. I was searching this house over for something sweet. I found half a bag of M&M baking chips in the freezer. Your e-mail arrived and I threw them in the trash. Thanks, CJ.
BTW your granddaughter is the cutest. Somewhere I missed the part about you building a new house. I know you are excited. Do you have house plans already made?

Zoe---You are still doing so well. And you are exercising. I am impressed! I know the problem with the chocolate. I never crave it but TOM will do it. I teach a class at church on Wed. nights and one girl in the class brings homemade cookies every week. She is killing me! I don't know how to very politely say "Stop it!". This is a Divorce Care class and feeling are on edge anyway. Only one week could I refuse one. It wasn't last night.

Kelster---I received that same info on water that you posted today. I like water but guess where I spend the day. It's hard to do that at school. At the bottom of the same e-mail was info about coke. I thought it was pretty interesting too. Did you see it? I didn't know you could clean your toilet with coke. Don't worry about spaghetti it was just one meal. I try to remember I didn't gain it in one day and I won't lose it in one day. (Oh, but how I wish I could)

angel-eyes---I have been playing with 2 lbs. this week also. Isn't it aggravating? Don't give up. They will eventually move.

Chrissy---I have you written on my calendar for the 12th. Please know that I will be sending lots of prayers your way for you and the girls. I really want all your family to have some relief and closure from this awful thing. Good for you for not smoking and exercising. I know that does a lot for your stress at this point. May God hold your hand thru this.

Regency919---Good for you for not eating all the brownies and cookies. I am not very strong when it comes to homemade cookies. Hope your doggy is feeling better. Did you ever find out what was wrong?

Sherry---Our weather was beautiful today also. It was in the 60's and the same for tomorrow, although they are promising rain to go with it. Today was the first day I've been warm since October. Hope it's a preview of things to come.

Sharon---The same article was in our paper about the school/house. I would love to see it, inside. I can't imagine it! The outside of that school was really looking bad. I just can't imagine putting that much money in a house. Let's just say it's not how I live! I wish I knew someone who knew them, who would invite me in. I know you must be working like crazy on those taxes. I'm taking mind to my accountant tomorrow and then I will say a prayer! My thoughts are with you on the 12th.

Jello---I think you might have mentioned how you feel about snow. Am I right girls? Did Jo mention snow? I don't blame you for not driving that new car. Who wants to take a chance with a new car? Why if someone hit it I'm afraid Jo would "kill". I'm afraid stress makes me eat. (As does happiness, sadness, nerves, loneiness and any other feeling you can have)

Gail---Okay I am jealous of your flowers, so I'm going to try to be nice. I know it will be late May before I see any serious budding here. I can't wait. Let me know how WW goes for you. Have you been before? Are you actually going to the meetings or just doing the program? I may have to try it also. I mean I have been at least 5 times before but not with this new program. I have a Dr.'s appointment Monday for a physical. I dread it because I haven't lost any since the last time I was there.
The good news is my grandbaby is spending the week with me starting Monday. How I will get both of us dressed and out of the house every morning I do not know. Forget me wearing make-up this week, I won't have time.
but I can't wait to get my hands on that sweet thing! I missed Dr. Phil, I think I have a friend who taped it, maybe I will get to see it. I went to Oprah web site and read about it. I enjoy her show but am often not home in time to see it. I do love Rosie also.

JinksE---I have thought about buying Dr. Phil's book also. I understand it's not about dieting exactly but the reasons for feelings and how we react to them. I don't know if I want to know that much about me. I understand when you say you can't keep up with the posts. Today I printed #36 so I could have them in my hand to post now. It took 21 pages, so that's probably not a good idea. I don't want to skip anyone but I'm sure I do sometimes. And sometimes I think my posts are more about me than others. I also think I'm losing my memory! Seriously!

Well, ladies you know I turn into a pumpkin at 10:00 so I will sign off. I'm supposed to be off tomorrow but I'm so far behind I'm going to work for awhile. I forgot to tell you one more story. Monday was the 100reth day of school so we have a big celebration. One class made necklaces with 100 Fruit Loops on them. Josh (one of my favorites) wanted to give me his necklace. I said "How sweet but I'm afraid I will eat it". He looked at me very seriously and said "Well that's okay but I have to tell you I've already licked it." I put the necklace and wore it home and did not EAT it. On that note, Good night ladies, have a great week-end! Carolyn

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