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Hello everyone ~ I went for my first weight training appointment after work today. It was really good but I think I may be hurting tomorrow morning.

Jo ~ I know from where you speak. I am so like you. I usually eat myself silly when hubby is on a business trip ~ and I have no idea why I do it. :confused: The bad thing is, he is going out of town Tuesday, 2/20 until Sunday, 2/25 so I'm really gonna need lots of help. Don't worry though, just stand back up Jo and look ahead.

CJ ~ Woo Hoo!! Are you doing the "dance" over there?? Good job kiddo, good job!! I do the same as you eat next to nothing before weigh in. When WW was at work, Tues. at 11am, I have nothing ~ not breakfast, not coffee, not water. But now that it's at 6pm, I have my coffee, skip breakfast and eat a light lunch. I'd die without anything until 6pm.
And hey CJ, that was pretty sneaky, starting the new thread and then going back to finish up the other one....hmmmmmm, I need to get here first.....someday. Ha!

Kelster ~ spaghetti isn't bad for your diet ~ too many carbs can cause you not to lose but pasta is good to eat for dieting. Of course, I love it so much that I eat too much and get carried away. Ha!

Hello to everyone I didn't address personally. I hope you're doing well and staying on track. Have a great Thursday night and Friday.

Zoe ~ soaking up the "SON" in Texas
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