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Yes, baking is cheap. However, your can be a frugal food master too.


1. Dried Beans or Lentils - pennies a serving you can't beat these. Remember to soak them and cooking them will be no issue. Yes, you have to learn to cook them but trust me, they're easy and full of fiber and iron.

2. Eggs - excellent source of protein and vitamins. You might think a carton of eggs is expensive ($2+) but that at least 4 protein courses with VERY little effort.

3. Bulk Chicken - the Cute Boyfriend and I once commented that being poor sucked because sometimes you had to have money to get cheap food. This is the case here. A bag of frozen chicken breast costs $12+ but that broken into the servings of chicken in the bag breaks out to be very cheap for chicken.

1. Fresh veggies in season. These are the ones in the circular ad and on sale at the store. Like, $.59 for a pound of broccoli. Yes, you won't get to choose exactly which veggie you want and you may buy stuff that is unfamiliar but that's an adventure!

2. Brown rice - a staple in my house. Great source of whole grains! Be careful. A lot of times stores will sell this with a fancy package and charge a ton. You can find this in a lot of bulk sections for very cheap.

3. Oats - another great whole grain that you can buy in bulk for cheap. Great fiber content and yummy for breakfast.

Hope that gives you an idea for some other frugal eats.
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