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Hi Louie, Glad to hear that youíre looking forward to weigh-in day. It certainly helps to see those scales validate our hard work doesnít it!

Emily, My library has a book called Fit and Fabulous in 15 Minutes: t-tapp. Iíve borrowed it to look through it over the weekend.. I love the WATP series, but I need some muscle toning as well.

Robbin: congrats! I would be on too. Youíve had some nice losses lately and congrats on being over the half way mark! You have beautiful kids. I have a 14 year old son and a 12 year old daughter.

Stacey, Whew, so glad the scales moved back down for you. Itís not easy to have to fight the nasty little voice in the back of our head that says ďGo ahead and eat this, itís not going to make a difference anywayĒ. But youíre back down and a loss to boot, yoohoo!

Cheryl, I sure hope youíre feeling more energized today. After you spend so much time and effort on the quilts, I donít know how you manage to give them away! But Iím thinking selfishly, I suppose some of the joy must come from the giving away. How did you learn to quilt?

Tina, It sounds like a good sign that your husband at least remembers that he promised you a trip. Youíre doing so well, Iím sure youíll be on that beach one day. I usually manage to stay pretty calm regardless of what the scale does. I weigh everyday, so I know itís very normal for me to show up to a five pound difference day to day, depending on what Iíve eaten. As long as it keeps moving in the general down direction, Iím okay. I did have a three week plateau in July that was discouraging, then I lost four lbs overnight which finally put me at 100 lbs lost; so it was worth the wait. Lol

Very busy the last few days. Overload at work, football games, doctors appointments, ugghhh. Weíve been at home almost all day today though, except for when DS and I went grocery shopping. Today was DH birthday, so Iíve spent all afternoon making his favorite meal. Luckily, he has been ďsomersizingĒ right along with me and is pretty supportive when it comes to not eating or asking for things that would be hard for me to resist.

The scales are finally back to where they were last Saturday morning. I am so looking forward to breaking into the 220s. Hope it happens this week. I never had time to exercise yesterday and so far I havenít today. I may still go do a couple of miles WATP, otherwise it will be very hard to make my exercise goal this month. I also feel very yucky that Iíve gone two days in a row without exercise. That hardly ever happens anymore and it concerns me that I could get out of the exercise habit too easily.

Take care everyone!

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