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Hello ladies, just a quick hello. FINALLY (and the angels sang) i am back down to my weight from LAST friday, plus a .6 loss. So wrap it up, i'll take it. Whew, i am just glad to get back to where i was. Yesterday was probably the hardest for me. I had convinced myself that i was going to be up for this week's weigh in and that scale almost defeated me. I didnt do my ellipitical, I ALWAYS do my ellipitical the day before weigh in, but i figured, why bother, nothing i do is going to make a difference at this point (cue the crying and whiney voice). Then i had peanut butter flavored junk cereal for a snack....i NEVER eat that stuff, but again, i was just about to throw in the towel for this week. Now i could kick myself for not doing the ellipitical and having that crappy snack, it could have been the difference between losing .6 and 1 lbs. Oh well, you live and you learn.

Tina-I'll hang in there if you'll hang in there. We are making progress. But sounds like both us of might be getting a break. I know what you mean about feeling relieved to see the scale finally going back where you want it. That scale can give you such self doubt. I am feeling lighter and better too today. It is amazing what just a couple of pounds of bloat will do to you.

Cheryl-I think you are right about our bodies just taking time to settle into a lower weight. I knew this was coming after 2 big losses in a row. But as much as i knew it was coming...its still the pits. Hope you feel better soon.

Robbin-Woohoo to you for getting to change that ticker. Dont you just LOVE that feeling. Thank you for being so encouraging this are right, if i keep on keeping on, my body cant fight me forever.

Louie-Sounds like you might be able to move your ticker soon. Keep it up.

I do want to say a BIG to all of you for being so very encouraging this week while listening to my whine and worry, it has been a rough one for me.
Stacy - I may not be able to lose 100 pounds, but I can lose 10 pounds 10 times!

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