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I did HMR program back in 2000. I was going once a week to the class that was an hour and a half. We talked about staying on plan, and other related topics after we got weighed. We had to write on the board in front of everyone how many exercise minutes we got in. They wanted us to do 2000 PA minutes a week minimum. We charted our shakes and entrees/bars and every Friday we were required to call our leader and tell her how much product we had eaten/exercise/water etc. (that was awesome accountability) we also had to call if we were going to "eat out of the box."
I was 268 when I started that program and got down to 210 within a few months - I than ended up getting my gallbladder removed and when I was out of surgery I ate regular food per my doctor and I TASTED FOOOOOOOOD and never went back (tried ONCE but just couldn't do it) it was too hard now that I had "went out of the box" big time! Now, with that said...I am back up to my highest weight - had a baby and gained everything that I did lose and a few friends. I do have the HMR shakes in the pantry and have them every now and then as a meal replacement or snack - usually mixed with some sugar free pudding powder or sugar free jell-o powder to change the flavors (something we learned in class) and sometimes mixed with fruit.
It's cheaper to buy the canisters. I buy the HMR 120 in canisters and they are $19.00 per canister and you get 12 servings - so about $1.58 a drink.
I would LOVE to go solely on the HMR shakes and my own entrees (choosing the ones under 220 calories) from like Lean Cuisine etc. but I don't know if I can do it....I am gradually making changes!
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