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Evening Ladies...Woke up feeling much better, but by noon I was back in bed sleeping. I just feel drained. Doesn't help that the weather sucks! Cold and rainy, guess fall is here. Just hope the snows holds off till the end of November, that would really be nice. Thanks for all the nice complements on the quilts. It's my therapy when the foster kids stress me out. sewing keeps my hands busy and my mouth shut!!

Emily...Great job on getting your workout in so early in the morning. I need to kick my butt and gear and get busy. I really want to be below 299 by new years.

Robbin...WOW! 225, move the ticker!!! You have earned it!

Stacy...I had a big loss last week and I'm up this week. I think with exercising our bodies are just adjusting before we see a drop again.

Tina...You will be back to 212 in no time. You would think having the flu I would of loss some weight, but I'm the same. I did drink lots of diet 7-up yesterday and ate saltines. I hope to feel good enough tomorrow to exercise and not sleep my life away.

Tammy...I love all the quilts I make and it's so hard to part with them. They are all a labor of love and in the 7 years I have been quilting, I have made 36 quilts and only kept 1 for myself. I do plan on making another kid's quilt for myself, but it will be a wallhanging.

Well, I have to get up very early and get my hubby off to work and I need to get the FD's off to bed as well. Have a great evening.

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