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Evening girlies! The scales came down to 215 this morning. Certainly better than yesterday, but not back to where I was last weekend. I had a really on target day today, I feel really good about it. I still feel "heavy" but I am trying to be optimistic. This week has just been weird and frustrating.

Tammy, I guess the fluctuation will never be an easy thing to pin point. The one thing we do know about it, is that is totally sucks when you're going through it. I think we put too much faith in what the scale has to say anyways. One day it's our best friend, the next day you want to kill (if there were such a thing). We should stop and smell the fat loss so to speak. Our new lifestyles are more than what a scale will tell, it's how we're living our days in our new healthier lives. Now if I could just get myself to believe in all that when I am down and frustrated! LOL! I've been meaning to chime in about the vacation treat for reaching goal. My husband promised a trip to Hawaii to me, and he still is pretty addiment about it. I haven't told him how much I weighed or how many more pounds I need to lose. Once in a while, he'll ask when are we going to Hawaii to check on my progress. LOL! It'll be a total shocker if it really ever become a reality.

Cheryl, surprise, surprise! Your quilts are gorgeous!! I wouldn't be able to choose if I had the choice. Although the one with the kids looks awesome. Then again, it could be since I've been reading so much about it this past year...LOL! I feel attached! I'll say it again, you're so talented! I hope you're starting to feel better! And don't sweat that one pound!

Stacy, seems we're both fighting the strange phenomenon of fluctuation. From one frustrated women to another...just hang in there and keep doing what you know is right. As hard as it is to understand it sometimes and as hard as it to have faith in yourself, you'll never change the outcome if you give into your feelings overwhelmth. We can do this!

Louie, how did you like the Biggest Loser. I'm really glad it's back on, especially now! I do enjoy the show!

Emily, oh how I wish my body would be playing mind games and getting ready to drop a lot. But lets face it 212 was astonishing and unbelievable. I'll be estatic if I can get there again...soon! Thanks for the pep though! You're doing amazing with the exercise. All that exercise you should fit right in with the Biggest Loser gang, they seem to exercise all the time. I'm expecting some big loss news from you shortly!

Robbin, awesome news! You're only 5-1/2lbs. from getting your manicure, are you looking forward to it? Congrats on the loss!

Have a great night ladies! Let's hope for a lighter us in the A.M.!


"Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going."
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