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Well i have done well today. But i am so bummed about my www over the weekend. I am up 5 pounds from fridays weigh in. Now grant it friday was a splurge day but not a 5 pound splurge day. basically my splurge day was an oreo ice what gives. I am going nuts looking at this scale. I am going to have to hide it away until friday or something. Its only monday, why am i in a panic? Well i am just going to continue to drink water, water, water.

Tina-The star fruit was good. Kind of like a pear meets an apple, its very pretty when cut...looks just like a star...not really a lot of bang for your buck though. The speghetti squash is really that good. To avoid the mush factor, i just put it in a collander while i am shredding it out of the shell and some of it will drip out. But overall i really really like it.

Robbin-I can TOTALLY relate to the weekends making it super tough to stay on track. It starts on friday night and ends monday morning...boy i can sure do a lot of damage in those 2 or 3 days. It makes it extra hard if you think you are ordering smart but you just dont know what all goes in restaurant food. I am hoping it was a lot of salt and not so much butter.

Jelynn-The occasional "treat" creeps up on me too and before i know it, just like you it is an every day thing. That is why i have to have an official weigh in day...that keeps me going. If i know i have to weigh in on fridays, i am more likely to behave and then have the splurge on friday only. My program is a lot like yours with the cardio, water, one splurge per week etc. Great minds think a like huh.

Ok, time for Mr. Ellipitical.
Stacy - I may not be able to lose 100 pounds, but I can lose 10 pounds 10 times!

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