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Default Happy Monday!

Good morning ladies! What a wonderful day! The sun is back and that means we're back to some normal seasonal temps. WOOhh, that snow was waYYyYYyy to early. The scale is up a pound since yesterday, but I'm keeping my ticker put. I ate out yesterday so I'm thinking that the additional sodium in restaurant food is kicking around some extra water. I had the most delicious sandwich about yum! It was grilled chicken on a half of a foccacia bun, with cucumber, tomato, green olive talepade (who knows what that is?) and feta cheese sprinkled on top. I had a side salad to go with. It was so good...too good infact, so I ended up making a fruit salad for dinner because I wasn't hungry at all but I thought I better eat something or else I'd wake up with those hard, starving growling pains. You know the ones! hehe! Oh yeah I took a day off of walking yesterday too, but will be back at it this morning. So all in all I'm in a pleasant mood today, still feeling the effects of yesterdays surprise.

Ryanmi, it's nice to finally pin point what has been making you so miserable during 3 seasons outta four. But it's definitely not nice to be allergic to something that's everywhere and that you can't help but be around it. I hope those shots are successful, but I guess now that winter is coming along you will hardly have a chance to test the theory! Bugger! Glad to hear you got your bike figured out and already started wheelin'. You can burn an amazing amount of calories on a bike in less time it would take me on the treadmill. Good cardio, you're plan sounds really good.

Shyla, glad you're putting that date night mishap behind you and got right back on track. There's no way you've gained five pounds, with all that sodium and Aunt Flo you're bound to be up with water retention. Congrats on getting your weekly workout goal met...YAY!

Louie, lol..the weather is possessed! We're expecting more rain tomorrow, I think we've gotten Vancouver weather. It's exciting to have someone take the journey along with you, glad you found another source of support! YOU can do this!

Stacy, I love the try something new everyday idea. Tell me how that star fruit tastes, I've always wondered about that. Another thing I've always wondered about is spaghetti squash, it's really that good? Not mushy? Thanks for the congrats btw!

Hey Emily, you're goals for the week sounds really realistic. I have never done a detox before but it sure sounds nice to get rid of all that bad food junk in your body. Sending you all the will power thoughts to you to resist temptations. I know my occasionals little treat became too often too. Glad you put your foot down and stepping it up!

Robbin, I'm sure that the 1.8 uppage will be as easy to let go as it was to get it. A day or so back on track and you'll be getting great results again. Weekends are the toughest for me too. But I was really strong this weekend somehow. My parents wanted me to go out to eat with them on Sat. I was like no, you guys can go. Then Alyssa wanted to I ended up giving them some money to take her along with them and I stayed home and made a salad. Wow...where did that strength come from?! hahaha! Good thing because they ended up at KFC! Big freakin' weakness for me!

I best be getting on that treadmill. Have an over-the-top day girls! Be strong, stay powerful and make it happen!


"Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going."
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