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Hey everyone!
I ended up sooo busy last week and no computer time for me so that' why I wasn't around much.
I also ate TOO MUCH JUNK! I fasted today (only water) until 8 pm tonight and had some lentil/veggie soup I made last week. I feel like I need to de-tox a bit. In fact, I've been dinking around so long I've decided to go quite strict for awhile. I keep kidding myself that I can still lose weight having the occasional donut, McDonalds, chocolate bars etc, but in actuallity my occasional is really daily. So- it's time to be hard core again and get some results! After a few days of clean eating it's easier for me to stay on track. So my rules for myself are:

minimum 64 ox water daily
30 minutes cardio 6x per week
4 t-tapp workouts (2 full, 2 basic +)
one dessert per week
one off program meal per week
max. 2 cans diet coke a day

So there...hopefully I can get my groove back!

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