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Where are our peeps?! It's getting awfully quiet in here. Scales are still saying the same thing this morning, up 0.5lbs. But no sweat off my back or should I say a lot of sweat off my back cuz I'm gonna keep at it the same ol'routine. It's the weekend though, that means that we'll be eating out sometime and although I can make great food choices it's just that I can't count it and add it up to see where I stand at the end of the day. Not a lot of restaurants here have the luxory of checking them out online first. Guess I can always rely on keeping my fingers crossed!

Tammy, yeah snow! Believe me, it is freak for me too. It's suppose to warm back up to normal seasonal temperatures next week. Phew! Thanks for telling me not to give that 0.5 any thought. It feels real good to know that the little half pound isn't a big ugly scar that everybody is staring at. LOL! Glad I could inform you on the salad. I was so naive before, I practically had one once a week during Alyssa preschool year.

Well, I guess I should beat that treadmill up with the pounding of my shoes. Have a great Saturday girls....wherever you are!?


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