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Good morning girlies! Hope you're all well. I woke up to a freak force of nature this morning. Would you believe it? SNow! I can't either! It's wet snow so it isn't really sticking yet, but you can see some accumulations around the grass and trees. YUCK!

My scales still read 215.5 this morning, can't figure that one out. But after I got to thinking I realized I haven't been giving myself credit for how far I've come in a week. Last saturday I weighed in at 218.5, so in actuallity I've come down 3.5lbs. this week. I guess that isn't anything to be taken lightly. I've just been focused on getting to 215 and under and put aside what I had to lose to get back to 215. I do remember that I used to hover on one # for a couple of days before losing the next pound or so. It does say 1-2lbs. a week right?

Robbin, love the reward idea. I'm thinking pedicure for sure! I've always wanted to get my hair foiled but that's too much $$. These ol'feet could sure use a good polishing after a summer of sandles.

congrats! You're doing awesome! Gotta LOVE IT! Keep it up and you'll be melted away in no time. I went online yesterday to have another look at the nutritional at McDonalds. The salad dressing is so high in sodium that I don't want to risk it too often. I figure if I'm faced with that challenge again I'll have the chicken mcgrill (sandwich only), or the chicken fahitas(sp?). A lot less sodium and not half bad in the fat and calories department either.

My sister is here with her kids and I haven't made it to the treadmil yet today. I think I'll save it for after dinner when they're gone. The treadmill is in the basement where her and her kids are staying and I don't need an audience! LOL! Hope you have a good day!


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