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Victory dance I am just in shock today...i must have found that sweet spot everyone talks about with the balance between eating enough but not too much and exercising enough but not too much. I dont know how long that will be my sweet spot but for now i am on cloud 9. I lost 3.2 last week and 3.8 this week. What is the world coming to? Thank you fairy fat mother. It seems like it has been a good couple of week for most of us....keeping that fairy fat mother on her toes i guess. Then i had a nsv of some pants that i havent been able to wear, they were just barely too tight...well i comfortably wore them to work today. So i am tickled. I still cant get in to the blue jeans that are that size but i am working towards it.

Robbin: WOOHOO to you for the scale victory. Shall we do a little dance. I LOVE your rewards idea. I just treated myself to my 20 pounds victory last week. I rewarded myself with a new haircut and color job. I have been needing both FOREVER, but at the 20 pound mark i feel like i had earned it. I dont know what my next reward will be. Your reward of a manicure is great. I have had it done only once. A pedicure is great too in the beginning of the summer.

Tina-Good job on the McDonalds visit. I would have gotten a happy meal and not felt too bad about it but then i would have been hungry in an hour. 10 points for you for choosing the healthiest option, lots of veggies, etc.

Tammy-Claim that loss honey. And koodos to you for your recent loss. I am the same way, i dont wait either, once the scale says it, i change it. I have my weigh ins on friday and i work really hard to make that days number look good. I may be 5 pounds up on saturday but i stick with fridays number. It has worked so far. I am glad you asked what FD stood for. I didnt know either that it was for foster daughter. I assumed it was a relation but its good to be clear. I can totally relate to what you are talking about with being in proportion. My legs are small, my arms are small, my chest is small, my "apron of fat",(perfect description by the way) is huge in comparison. Like you, i am about 3-4 sizes smaller in all other areas than my gut. VERY annoying. That is another reason i am already planning a tummy tuck. When i lost down to 190 last time, i still had this gut...everything else was like a size 8 but my gut was still an 18 or 16...unbelievable. Now i just have to worry about financing that tummy tuck. Wow, 3 miles with WATP, good for you. That is a walk.

Ok ladies, my boss keeps looking at me. I wonder if he wants me to take care of some of this stuff on my desk. ha ha.
Stacy - I may not be able to lose 100 pounds, but I can lose 10 pounds 10 times!

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