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Default Happy Thursday!

Good morning girls! Well yesterday wasn't as on target as I would have liked, my daughters best friends mother from preschool phoned and wanted to go out to McDonalds for lunch. What can you say? She was excited to see a friend she knew. I had a salad and a yogurt parfait, pretty good in fat grams and calories...but the sodium was a shocker! So I think the scales are reflecting that this morning. Up 0.5...wahhHHHhhh! But I will not get discouraged over something so little, I'll just get sloshed and drink some green tea. After I get my walking over with of course, full bladders and treadmills do not mix! LOL!

Stacy, thanks for the cheers. It sure felt great and I still do! Dang those nasty will never understand what we go through! Hope the midol keeps things at ease for you today!

Tammy, nice to see you! I was missing you. Thanks for Alyssa's compliment btw. As per your question to Cheryl about what FD means, it's foster daughter. Great job with the exercise this morning, and thinking about another rockin'!

Cheryl, oh you poor dear! You sound exhausted. You are more than deserving when it comes to getting away and having a break. I've said before you're a saint for taking care of foster children and it's so true! Sorry to hear things are rough with them right now, I hope they learn their lessons and wise up to make it easier on you.

Shyla, congrats! You're sure melting it off fast here lately. I know what you mean about back fat...mine seemed to disappear there too faster than the rest. It's nice to look at the mirror and see something almost smooth! LOL!

Robbin! Woo HOOOoo! Now that's what I'm talking about! Congratulations! Go change that ticker girl...claim it!

Well I'm off to walk! Have an awesome day! Keep up the great effort ladies...we're so rocking this thing this week.


"Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going."
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