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Hello all, doing well here. Did we just have a weekend? Where did i go? I guess i blinked and missed it. Geeze, back to the beginning of another work week, but hey, 3 pounds lighter on this work week than the last one, so i will take it, ha ha.

Shyla-That is awesome about the fajitas...stopping at two is a challenge. That is my main focus right now. You wouldnt think just stopping when you are full would be so hard, but it really takes disepline for me. So good for you, well done. Cool NSV too about the shirt. That is a great feeling. Oh what darling little ones you have, they are just beautiful. Thanks for sharing the pics.

Ryan-I am sorry but that IS hysterical. I would have had to show my juvinille side too. How can people even say that with a straight face, i mean come on. That is funny stuff. Good luck with the screws, that will be a workout in its self probably.

Emily-Hello. Vacations are very difficult for me too. I go out of town thinking, i am going to be strong. I come back with my stomach stretched out, lazy, and back to old habits. Lets get it in gear and keep it in gear together.

Erin-Thanks for missing me. Its nice to know you were missed. Just been a busy weekend, lots of yard work (still sore from it, who knew slinging a sleg hammer could work muscles you didnt even know you had). But i am back and doing well.

Card-Welcome, i think i know you from another thread. Good to have you here.

Tina-That is wonderful news about your daughter. Oh, isnt that such a weight lifted. Bless her sweet heart, I can just see that smile slowly going accross her beautiful little timid face.

Ok, gotta go find my children...far too quiet for far too long.
Stacy - I may not be able to lose 100 pounds, but I can lose 10 pounds 10 times!

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