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Evening All...

I have just returned from seeing an allergist! I didn't get the most pleasant of news though...he thinks I am allergic to GRASS-of all things- and that's why I have been so miserable all summer (and last for that matter)...but he couldn't do the skin tests b/c the receptionist failed to tell me not to take my allergy meds for 5 days before coming I have to go back next Monday. If I am allergic to grass, I have to go for shots once a week for 6 months, then every other week for another 5 months, then once a month for maintainence. Good Christ that's a lot of shots...especially for someone afraid of needles. While I was there, he had me do a pulmonary function yest to check my lungs (because I have asthma)...had to blow into a tube and then suck the air out again and this machine read my lung, I do it, and he says (in his thick spanish accent) that I "blow and suck really well"...and he must have said it three or four times. I just started laughing...he didn't think it was funny, but I found it hysterical...especially after the 3rd-4th time...I juvenile...

The screws came for my bike-so I am going to try and figure it out this evening and maybe do a little peddlin'...woo hoo!!!

Tina, glad the whole school thing worked out. BTW, I forgot to mention, those socks Alyssa was wearing are the cutest ever!

Robbin, Sounds like things are crazy for you right now-hang in there!

Shyla, Awesome NSV with the tank top-and the eating at Chili's...I love their food!

Erin, Glad the hubby is doing better! As far as the office challenge goes, I was down 4.4lbs last week...this week, not so sure, as I haven't had the best week...we'll see.

Robsia, How did the interview go??

Cheryl, Hope the weigh goes well on Weds. You are going on a quilt retreat? Sounds relaxing for you...

Welcome to Emily and Card!!! Looking forward to getting to know you!

OK...Now to the bike! Let's see if I can put this bad boy together...
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