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Well on the hubby front he is doing well, moving a little more everyday and his incision is healing well. Looks really funny he has about a 6 inch incision with two holes a the bottom that look like eyes over his belly button, so kind of a distorted looking alfalfa smily face!!! You gotta see the humor in these things to get through them. Anyway, he goes back to the doctor thursday and hopefully will get the staples out and be able to start driving again. He is getting cabin fever but i am trying to keep him settled down so that we don't have to do this again!

As for me i have no good news to report. Something about this whole experience sent me over the edge and after 5 months of dedication i have completely blown it! I have made a complete cow of myslef lately and have managed to gain about 4 pounds. I am on track with my exercise though, 3.3 miles in 20 min on the elliptical yesterday. I am going to get those pounds off this week and by saturday want to be back to my ticker weight, if i am not i will adjust it then. I just need a good slap in the head to get my brain back to where it was when i was doing so well. I am such a pro at self sabotage but i refuse to let if fully take over like i have in the past!!!!

Tina - i am with you girl that was a little rough on a kindergartener (she is adorable by the way!). I know they have to establish firm ground rules early and it may be that she was the example that the teacher used to show that she means business but still seems a little harsh! I'd give it another week and if situations keep coming up then have a chit chat with the teacher and see where she is coming from.

Ryanmi - I certainly understand where you are coming from and i know momma's can be very protective of our kids but i do see your point. How is all your repiratory stuff??? How is the office challenge going, i have been very out of the loop, so you may have said and i missed it.

Cheryl - i am with you on the nap thing, just can't get going here lately either! Quilt retreat sounds like fun, is this the kids quilt or are you completely done with that one now? Can you tell I am so out of the loop here!

Shawn - congrats on the NSV's!!!! You are rockin girlie!!! You are an inspiration! I know what you mean about the tank top. What a victory that was! I know your eating will get on track soon. Trust me i know how hard it can be!

Emily - welcome!!! So glad to have you join us. Yes we all know the battle losing weight is and that none of it comes easy. My starting weight was way above yours, in fact your starting is my next "goal"! It's all relative ya know! Look forward to getting to know you more! Oh yeah and congrats on surviving 4 kids so far!!! I struggle so much with two i really respect anyone with more!

Card - a hearty welcome to you too! Glad to have you along in this battle! Another one with lots of kids to deal with! I don't know how ya'll do it!!!

Seems like we are missing a few regulars here lately too, Robbin, Michelle1964, Linda, Louie, jtammy, stacy and i know i am missing more! Hope all is well with ya'll and we will be hearing from ya'll soon.

Well I gotta run, supposed to be doing some work here today. I am slowly getting back into routine so i will hopefully be able to check in more regularly. Are we still doing louie's halloween challenge??? I think i have made up my mind on what i want to make it but can't remember if we said it wouldn't be a weight related goal. Somebody catch me up if you can! Thanks and ya'll have a fantastic day!!!!!

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