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Jul: Yeah on the freezer. I know I said if I lived downstairs I would buy one. I have no place to put one. And my old refidge was so small I could hardly get anything in there.

I am waiting for the little one to fall a sleep. I am taking his legos and wrapping up his basketball tickets in them. Just to trick him. I know MEAN mom!!

I heard from my sailor today. He emailed me before he was off working. He is missing the ships holiday meal cause he has to work. So I will have to send him some cookies and stuff. He is from WI not to far from where I live. So I have been keeping him updated about what is going on here.

Not much else going on here. We stayed home for Christmas Eve. Watched the Fat Albert Christmas special. Ok I admit I taped it. I love Fat Albert as a kid. Some friends came over and we had a holiday drink together and made New Year's Eve plans.

My favorite Christmas song is on .... Do you hear what I hear?

Merry Christmas My friends!!!

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